The Spring must have!

The Spring must have!

Winter is officially over and spring fashion is springing out (No pun intended 😉 )  The Sakura is fully bloomed out here in Japan and it feels great to not be freezing and also not to be covered with heavy shoulder breaking coats. A new season, means a new wardrobe (not quite literally), you should be putting all your winter wear somewhere deep in your wardrobe and bringing out all the colors and frills to celebrate the blooming of flowers 😉 And its inevitable that many of us will be rushing to stores to “buy those I need to have” clothes. So i made a list of the spring must have that need to be in your shopping list this season.

1. The Crop Top

via Charlotte Russe twitter page

You just need to have one and once you do…they like grow on you and then you want more. LOL They can be comfy/casual or elegant/chic depending on how you style it. The crop top from Charlotte Russe above is a perfect combination of everything.

2. Skirts and Maxi

Via Charlotte Russe twitter

They are colorful, comfortable and give you the whole spring-is-here feel. So it’s a total must have.

3. Statement Necklaces

Via Facebook

It makes a statement so that serves as a reason itself to experiment wearing them. They also look great on the spring colors and clothes. More on this HERE.

4. Blazers

Via Charlotte Russe twitter

Blazers are always a treat. I consider them the perfect spring wear. Since it’s not freezing cold but still chilly is one of the perfect seasons to bring out all the blazers you have. And I dig these striped blazer from Charlotte Russe. More of the striped kind found at ZARA too this season.

5. Lace

Via Mango official twitter page

Lace is super ‘IN’ this season, if you have been out shopping for spring the lacy tops and dresses are pretty hard to miss. The above white dress from Mango is a perfect example of how lacy you should get :).

6. Printed Pants

Via Bershka official facebook

Something like these simple printed pair of jeans from Bershka.

7. Stripes ( My favorite one this season)

Via ZARA official website

I am totally in love with these striped clothes especially the navy and white combo. Above are two kinds of striped dresses by ZARA. My personal favorite is the one on the right with the large stripes. Since its ‘IN’ this season I have filled my wardrobe with striped skirts,crop tops, shirts and looking for a nice dress to complete them 😀



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