A state of mind

A state of mind

The country is sprinkled with pink candy floss, such prettiness it is. Mother nature once again reminds you, beauty starts from her.I sit in class fidgeting my way through the hour. Work weighs me down, the stress hurt my head and weakness battles to dominate me. I sigh not knowing if its another one of those spring flus or just the workload tiring me out, either way, it does not matter, nothing changes and definitely not those wretched deadline.


When your gliding through that phase in life, where on one hand your trying very hard to graduate and then on the other hand you really don’t know what to with life after you actually graduate. The unknown haunts for sure. 🙂

I have been really thinking about something for awhile now, in that deep, philosophical like way. I have been dissecting what ‘Happiness’ is. It is perhaps the most underrated thing on earth. More a state of mind than an emotion, more the ultimate search than just a phase. Its absolute bliss to be in a state of happiness. Despite the stress, despite the worries and despite almost everything, you are happy. And that’s an amazing feeling.

Look at it like this, when you are in the ‘happy’ state of mind, you can deal with all the worries and all the stress, but you are still happy. Let me personalize it further for understanding, the state of mind is your desktop but all your emotions are little files that you tap into once in awhile. But your state of is what makes really matters at the end. Happiness is like beautiful, you get to wake up feeling good, you can smile without barriers and laugh your heart out. The worries don’t seem too much nor does the stress, so like I have emphasized in a zillion ways…there nothing better than being happy. Now what makes you happy is an entirely different question to ponder upon 😉 .

What do you think? Is happiness just an emotion or a state of mind? Leave your thoughts below 🙂



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