Breakfast at Lauderdale.

Breakfast at Lauderdale.

I found myself awake early enough to rush out the front door in time to beat the morning traffic. It took the usual hour for the car to drive through the familiar highway then along the Tokyo roads. Today as I watch out the window, I see the new breathtaking view of the Sakura blossomed trees.

We (My aunt and I) had an hour to kill, before we could go our separate ways for the day,so breakfast seemed the perfect way to do that. Unfortunately, you don’t have many restaurants open at 8:30 am. However, we made a wild guess that Lauderdale should be open for breakfast and thank God we were right! So Lauderdale is really vintage English looking fancy place in Roppongi Hills (If you live in Tokyo, its right next to ESCADA, go check it out!) Apart from their applaud-worthy food, I love their interior, they have an entire wall covered with different kinds of hats 😛 This sure appears in my top 5 favorite places to eat in Tokyo. The street view if you choose to eat out is stunning especially this season with all the sakura flowers lighting up the street.


I ordered the ‘Omelette with Baguette” and I chose the Mother’s garden flavor out of like two others. So basically it was a huge omelette battered with spinach, cheese and basil, the salad and the baguette. I was abit apprehensive since Im do not like eggs that much but surprisingly I really liked this. Orange juice to go with on the left it was the perfect way to start whats going to be a long day.20140331-103712.jpg

Now let me get back to my pile of homework 😉


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