That’s just how my lego works!!

That’s just how my lego works!!


I watch as the puzzle pieces fall into place. Fascinated by the forming story.My thoughts walk deep into it but is soon distracted by my quirky ways of focus. My legos just work that way,please comprehend. I topple, trip and with a doze of wackiness I crawl towards my destination. My pace,my ways and my convenience, thats just how my lego works. Im not the hare nor am I the turtle, i’m just being me. Simple and original.Inspired my many, but its conviction thats vital to make the path thats yours to own, to boast, to gloat.

Sleep engulfs, hunger fights and so does the greed to want. Thats the most human way. While the sunsets, a day bids goodbye and hope returns, offering a tomorrow. Another day that hands you the torch, to decide your fate in its light. I sit slouching with all the faith stored safely to ponder upon tomorrow. But of course I’m distracted, by the moment, the flowing rain drops, the golden rays, the colorful nature, the concrete world….

Calculative is what I define myself as. “You mean ‘risk-averse’? ,”they ask. A question that induces so much more questions to awake within me. The many scenarios of outcomes that run in your mind before every decision just like the possibility trees that appear in the global operations class. Mathematical I am. Calculative I am. Global and operative I am. Convinced I remain…And that’s just how my lego works.

The human being…a creation so unique and so complex makes me ponder. So much like a jack-in-the-box kind of spring… The more you compress, the more rapidly it returns back to its original ways.

Perhaps finding yourself, learning yourself and understanding yourself helps you know your world a little bit more. After all, your world begins with the little lego piece called YOU! 🙂


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