Spring Fling by Michael Kors

Spring Fling by Michael Kors

I like my bags colorful, chic yet elegant and perhaps Michael Kors is one designer brand that offers my taste. The vibrant colors, the increasingly variant designs even with their signature Tote look is something I totally dig. Most importantly they always have such pretty shades of blue. 😉 My curiosity in Kors began with a impactful crush I had on its name…catchy name I must say!

I visited the Kors store in Roppongi Hills last week  and I was really surprised and in awe of their latest spring 2014 collection. They have taken the colorful and chic to a totally different level with the use of some really beautiful shades of blue, green, orange along with the more subtle pastels and monochromes. They had a limited collection, however tit was designed in such a way that it had something to offer despite the variety of tastes and preferences a potential consumer may walk in.

A very good sales/marketing approach especially since they are in the growth and establishment phase of their brand. They have managed to establish and create variations effectively in the limited circle of their designer ‘signature’. The signature Tote’s are constantly teased with variations in color and size every season. After all, the best brands are created through the best marketing approach.

Since I was very much in love with this seasons designs, I made a list of the few that really caught my eye.

  1. MK Flower Pfaff Small Travel Tote (Gold)MK golfThis Gold version is classy! Paired with black it will look the best however it can be paired with anything for a bold look with the right amount of shine.

  2. Marina Large Tote gathermk blue oceanI have to mention that this one looks way better in real than it does on the picture above. It has the perfect mix of casual and elegance. A total must have!

  3. Jet Set Travel dot studs Medium Travel TotePolka Dots are totally in for Michael Kors this season, and this particular variation of the signature Tote with studs has both an edgier and chic look enough to catch your attention.

  4. Selma Large top zip zip Satchel      This Selma has such a pretty color combination and is the perfect one if you are looking for a more lady-like arm candy.

  5. Hamilton pick stitch Studded Large ToteWild life is imprinted all over this one. Very edgy and sexy, a perfect combo right?

  6. Jet Set Travel extra Small Travel ToteThe classic Michael Kors Tote has commendable looks, and each and every color they come up with makes you want to drool. This season its the above in the picture above and this other shade of green totally caught my eye. This is what you call a real arm “candy”

  7. Kiki Small Tote

    This Polka Dot printed version of the Tote is available in bright and monochrome shades. Very casual and chic looking, again the colors used in this collection takes away most of the credit 🙂 .

On a concluding note, I thought this season has a good and interesting collection that played well with the “spring” cords. Let me know where your opinion lies 🙂

Pictures via Michael Kors Facebook and Michael Kors Website.

P.S : Irony lies somewhere between my college major and my interests 😉

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