A Ski Trip

A Ski Trip

Mountains covered in a metallic sheath emitting a shade of blue surrounds me. It’s picturesque. Snow sprinkled on them, enchanting! A ski trip on the plan… I sit in the automobile taken aback by all that nature can offer. Its breath taking… The perfect break in the midst of the midterm assignment avalanche. This was my second time skiing… I was looking forward to it. 20140307-151733.jpg

Look at how picturesque the mountains look!


The purity of snow gets dirtied by the actions of us humans….Thats how deep I feel everytime I see it snowing and the aftermath. It gets me thinking all the time…


So finally we reach our ski resort. Get on the suit, the shoes and pick up our gear.

And just above the snow slope was a spectacular view of Mt. Fuji ( I used have soo many postcards of Mt. Fuji as a kid and I used to think that it was made to look good)


I captured how the Ski Slope looked.



ME! Preparing to ski away…. 😉20140303-160102.jpgd


It took me awhile to remember the techniques and ski… Fell a few times…. But it was a great two days of skiing. By the time the weekend was over, every muscle was aching…BUT IT WAS AWESOME!!!


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