Snow day and the winter wonderland that followed…

Snow day and the winter wonderland that followed…

There is something very serene about waking up to snow… The whiteness, the purity, its beautiful…

Just around two weeks ago Tokyo and the Kanto region saw what was speculated to be the roughest snow storm/day in the past 20 years. And in my 2.5 years in Japan, this was perhaps the first time I have seen so much snow and it snowed like from 4 am to like midnight. I took the opportunity to go walking in the snow, snow fights, attempting to make a snowman (it turned out beautiful and original I swear!!!LOL) . Despite the fact I ended up with a fever by the end of my night….It remains one of the most fabulous days with zero regret. I blame the fever on my tropical roots 🙂

So heres some pictures I clicked along with some clicked by friends ( so do not use them without permission 🙂 )

image (1)What I see as I peep outta my balcony…the peace looking out to this is beyond words.

imageSo i had to grab a handful of snow… its a temptation.

image (3)I set out on my snow expedition ( i had snow until almost my knee!!!)

image (5)

image (4)

image (2)The world in black and white (almost!)

image (8)

image (9)Above two photographs by Sazya Shreshtha ( Do not use without permission)

image (10)Photograph by Kishan Rana ( Do not use without permission)

It snowed almost similarly for long hours almost a week after this day. I was abit more wiser to stay indoors given my health and the crazy load of assignments that were piling up my desk. Nevertheless, when its mad cold, staying indoors freezing your veins out, you might as well have some mind-blowing nature to keep you entertained! 🙂


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