Shaded Matte

Shaded Matte

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I was a new teen on an escalator at the Twin Towers in Malaysia (Then the tallest towers on earth) holding my two first ever lip glosses. I couldn’t stop gloating at the shiny nude Revlon and the pink shaded shiny Loreal tubes in my hand (in a bad ofcourse). It was then the love for painting lips began.

Somewhere over the years and many brands later, I am no more the gloss person who refused and vouched never to try out lipstick ( I think somewhere I didn’t want to look like a overgrown teenager) I preferred the girly subtleness.

Today (being legal worldwide YAY!!) I am head over heels on Matte lipstick. However, I find it very difficult to find proper matte lipstick in Japan. Everyone loves the glittery lip shades here. And I border hate towards the shiny shades. After so many failed endeavors I finally came across the perfect matte shades ever! Im so in love and cant get enough of them.

The Retro Style Matte collection ‘inspired by Ruby Woo‘s overwhelming popularity and one-of-a-kind texture’ by MAC Cosmetics. The collection has 7 new bold shades apart from Ruby Woo.

  1. Ruby Woo — Classic red
  2. Fixed on Drama — maroonish
  3. Steady Going — light fuchsia pink
  4. Runway Hit — nude with a light coral undertone
  5. Dangerous — red with a orange undertone
  6. Relentlessly Red — bright coral red
  7. All Fired Up — bright pink with a red undertone
  8. Flat Out Fabulous — bright plum with a pinkish-red undertone.

I sat at the Mac Store and tried five shades from this collection( That was all that was available at the Mac outlet I visited).

My Verdict:-

  • Steady Going : Pretty shade but it had a neon effect that did not suit my skin tone nor my taste well.
  • Fixed on Drama : True to its name… it gives the old english dramatic look. However, its shade that makes you look too well put and older. Wasn’t my cup of drama 🙂
  • Relentlessly Red : I love coral shades! This was a beautiful shade. Since I already own a similar shade I didnt buy it(that was the only reason )
  • All Fired Up : Pink with a red undertone! Do I say more? Its gorgeous, has a very vibrant girlish touch to it and I loved it! So yes I took it home with me 😉
  • Flat Out Fabulous : I loved the purple with pink undertone look. It was dramatic, colorful with a touch of sexy sophistication! I just couldnt leave it back there… could I? Ofcourse not so its made its home in my makeup kit 😉

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Use a lip moisturizer with them and the last long enough for me 🙂 Now lemme go obsess over these two shades! 😀

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