“Playing dress up begins at age 5 and never truly stops” – Kate Spade

“Playing dress up begins at age 5 and never truly stops” – Kate Spade

The clutch trend seems to be having a makeover… and some very pretty ones is particular have caught my attention this season. They are just absolutely beyond beautiful, unique with enough dose of sexiness!

1.  Roberto Cavalli Dea Bag

Isn’t it like gorgeous!!!  This particular one from the collection is particularly breathtaking!! (Still breathlesss…phew) The color and the entire look is so elegant and unique!

2. Kate Spade Sugar Rush candy striped clutches

I very recently got introduced and interested in Kate Spade clutches, hoping to do an entire post on their quirky clutch collection. However, this sugar rush collection in particular is very cute,gives a girlish vibe and something I would totally go for.

3. Olympia Le-Tan  book-clutch

If the nerd glasses look is sexy so is carrying a book around! These book clutches are sooo cool, you can like get the book that matches your personality the best ( however if you hate books its another story altogether…)

4. Chanel No.5 Perfume Bottle clutches

I love perfumes and perfume bottles! The whole idea of carry one of those glass beauties is pretty interesting!

5. Zara Neoprene box-clutch

Something about the simpleness and matte look is very appealing. And its blue (although the black one is equally nice) !

6. Urania Gazelli Pixel Bag

Pretty and colorful! Check out their joker and queen of diamonds collection too!

Photos via their respective Facebook official pages

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