Things I hear – 1

Things I hear – 1

Since I hear a combination of such witty and hilarious things everyday and some of them are super silly that makes you go waaat? (Thanks to taking upper level business classes, being college student and human) I decided to do a weekly round up the Top quotes I hear!  Leave a comment on which one is your favourite! 😉

1)    “Netherlands: Has no raw materials at all…. except maybe some fish…”

2)    ” Next weeks class we will discuss impactful things in your life. Example: If you remember your first steps”

3)    “I wanna hit someone with a car and have them forgive me! Because family is forever… ” ( I just absolutely love this! Its from Hart of Dixie btw)

4)    “Maybe he should take women studies class. That way he would realize its bad to be a wh$$$.”

5)     “Its like she’s dating moses’s friend :O”


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