The winter must haves!

The winter must haves!

I love shopping!! I shop when I’m happy, sad ,angry or whatever! One of the best things about living in Japan is the four seasons and how that serves as a perfect reason to go shop!

As a hijabi, a comfort lover and not so adapted to the freezing cold, below is a list of must haves this winter to beat the cold!

1) ALDO Floria Strap Knee Boots

Its a flat so is comfy to walk in. The attached knit material on top ensures the cold doesnt enter your feet and thus keeps you warm. And moreover they are super stylish!

2) Infinity Scarf or Tube scarf from H&M

These are pretty, hassle free and keeps you super warm. Personally, I dislike wearing thick hijabs so these are a very comfortable and hassle free replacement to long tussled scarves/mufflers. Available in a variety of prints this sure is a investment worth!

3) Knit Sweater H&M or Forever 21

Throw a knitted sweater over your little dress or t-shirt and your warm and set to go!


4) Fluffy Socks

Its fluffy and colorful! Go find them now if you don’t already have a bunch!



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