Plastic Cups? Are you serious?

Plastic Cups? Are you serious?

Happy New Year!!  Its time for new beginnings!!

Last semester in my marketing class we were watching a video of a guy ( some market researcher i guess) who was going on in this high pitched annoying tone about how advertising on plastic cups is the most amazing idea ever. All that while i was like what nonsense…who keeps staring at their plastic coffee cup? Unimpressed with the whole idea and annoyed by the enthusiastic tone used while he presented i went on with life. My opinion remained the same until a few days ago…

I picked up a oreo milkshake( :P) from TGI Fridays on my way back home… and the key point here is the takeout is in a plastic cup. The plastic cup i held in my hand during my 45 minute commute. *Sigh*

I began to get bored of holding the cup. To then getting fascinated by it…I read what was written on it.. I read it again… and again and again!

Was i proven wrong or not! *sigh* It then just struck how much a plastic cup can be used in advertising giving out almost the same results as a billboard or a flyer or a logo would do. I mean I kinda identify with a Starbucks or TGIF plastic cups alot now!!!

IMG_4494The cups got some pretty interesting facts! Some famous facts and others not so… but I thought it was quite a good marketing strategy (TGIF made it on my blog! 😉 )




Aint that interesting!?



I didn’t know that!

Back to blogging! So await lots of them posts!!


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