Romancing the Enemy: Battle No.1- Rainbow cupcakes

Romancing the Enemy: Battle No.1- Rainbow cupcakes

Growing up means you have to be an adult and as far as i can understand, being an “adult” means to start “acting” like one. Learn to do stuff you dont really like,talk to people you dont really like and act like everythings alright! urgh! lie!Damn i just wanna go back to being a little girl! pfffttt….and then theres so many grown up stuff that seem decent and kinda exciting .Then again i havent got much choice right?…such crazily monotonously slow days and some jet inspired fast days…guess its another phase … after all im still a teenager aint I! 😉 Unfortunately being grown also means you need to know how to cook.

But another unfortunate coincidence is that:

I HATE COOKING! and being a girl that apparently is not a good thing! ( yea…whatever! ppffttt :/)

SO then after a lot of emotional turmoil (LOL yea im a girl 😉 I decided to be an adult take things into my control and show all those people who think i cant COOK  that i can! pfffttt… after all it cant be rocket science right….and given the fact i do understand some of the rocket science too  it shouldnt be bad i thought! ( by the way, SOME is the word!)

Challenge accepted and i have a resolution to excel/experiment(obviously…i cant still hold a knife right!)  TADDAAAA!

P.S: Sorry about all the DRAMA! 😀 Im a girl and therefore i was born with the license to create DRAMA 😀

Today at last i took a baby step to make my reslution a success and made for the first time “RAINBOW CUPCAKES” 😀 Ofcourse with my help from super sweet  aunt.<3

They came out looking decent and every0ne claims it tasted good! (Thank God…otherwose all those big shot talk above would seem more stupid and silly). Oh and for some reason i dont really like eating what i make(except pizza 😉 )

So heres how my cupcakes looked like:

Seeing daylight for the first time….//

Rainbow much?

A closer look maybe…

Trying my hand at some frosting…

After a bite…

Now i need to go sherlock Holmes to find more recipes 😉


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