With totally no control of life and with the urge to get away from everything …I find my savior in none other than my BLOG! 😉    Messed up,confused,lost and “i have no freaking idea” are words/phrases best to describe me but then its high time I move away from it all for a couple of minutes and me being me SHOULD be able to that! tadaa… i am all set to share a passion I have….its the only kinda drawing I enjoy( although i love the painting classes i had in my play grouop class when i was 3)

So the topic of interest today is HENNA also known as MEHENDI.

Simply explaining : A temporary tattoo

Made using a herbal plant called the henna tree. There are many uses for the henna paste. They used for body art,hair dye and as an anti fungal for the preservation of  leather(apparently!)

The henna tree is extracted and made into a paste which is then made into cones…i am not very aware of its exact procedures as i usually buy the cones that are already made and sold.

I did try to get some professional training(if about 10 classes count!) and i counldnt get past how to hold the cone steady thanks to a summer vacation that was only 2 months long(it always that short!) so then i had to let myself get into a i need to learn it somehow mode and have made it someowhere close to what looks tolerable. Perfection far far away but im sure not that far where i cant find it!

So some of what ive tried creating and recreating!

photo (4)

This is how it looks after the dried henna(usually green) is removed. A orange/red/brown stain is made depending on how long you kept the henna paste on your hand.
photo (16)

photo (19)

photo (18)

photo (17)

photo (7)

photo (20)

These are some of what Ive tried doing. I just love everything about it including the smell(LOL some just cant stand it).

Tell me what you think about it and maybe confess some interests of your own. Feel free to leave a comment! 😉


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