Perhaps I wrote something

Perhaps I wrote something

Perhaps I am not what I seem to be like.

Perhaps you need to look beyond the surface and find out who I really am before you judge.

Perhaps anger and arrogance are just a way of hiding and shielding myself from my worse fears.

Perhaps it doesn’t mean that I am that horrible.

Perhaps its just not being able to show who you really are.

Perhaps the others are better. Perhaps they are worse.

Perhaps you will never find out.

Perhaps you should not let your worse fears take over or perhaps you should.

Perhaps you all are all I care about.

Perhaps I do not know how to say it all.

Perhaps the others are not what you want me to be.

Perhaps I am all wrong,messed up,

Perhaps I will never be perfect

But I try.

Perhaps the people who point a finger at you are just trying to shift the focus from their faults.

Perhaps you’d never see me trying,

Perhaps its just how life is,

Perhaps its a misunderstanding with a longer shelf life,

Perhaps i am a disappointment,

Perhaps i am still learning,

Learning that people need to be fake,

Learning that even the people you grew up with dont neccesaruly know you

Learning that they would all point fingers at you instead of understanding you

Find your faults

because your just another person they love to talk about.

Perhaps the real world is more complicated than what I expected,

Perhaps i would learn the ways,

Perhaps I will not.

Perhaps you will understand……….someday!







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