After a very long break!

After a very long break!

Spring semester ended…and so did spring break… and finallly im back….so much of life went past….and it took me a while to be back! So now hopefully im gonna be a regular and vent out all about life and some awesomely interesting stufff!

Mid summmer semester so many assignments dues that anything other than work seems tempting but im going back home for like a week and im super excited! Damn i missed blogging and even my cyberspace and soceity class! Im so glad it helped me getting into bloggging somehting i never dreamed of even trying ,let alone be impressed and interested in it!

FEw days back i read a someones blog which she uses to talk about south asian wedding(more like how big fat weddings happen in my part of the world) and she shares her entire wedding preparations(she is getting married) and i found the theme very interesting!

So i decided to be inspired(of course im not gonna talk about weddings!) and start blogging again so i can share my days and new experiences and perhaps even my culture and interesting things i find around me!

So guys this time im gonna be less academical and more comical( LMAO …i have no idea why i said that! ;))

Till next time(and its gonna be very soon!)

Picture by:Shameer Ali and cannot be used without permission!


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