An Autobiography of a Computer Virus

An Autobiography of a Computer Virus

I really must like this class ( I enjoy it way too much)…..the work and time I put in is amazing….because hardwork is not my forte! So now to get some extra credit…lets get started .

Here’s presenting to you the story of a virus.

This assignment has been carefully created by ME and I take the pride in announcing its debut into the web world! 😀

This is sort of like an example of how the assignment should look like!

An autobiography of a Virus -Thats what I called it! 😉

So the assignment is:

Create an image by taking a photo of an daily object. Manipulate it using any photo editing software such as GIMP or Photoshop to make an image that represents a computer virus according to you. (Nothing complicated- just an image of how you think a computer virus looks like)
Then write an autobiography of the computer virus.( That is ,a story pretending you’re a computer virus)

Step 1: Creating the Image of Virus

I used this photo as a base to create my image:

This is a photo I took of three white board magnets on a lid of a container. 🙂

I used the hue-saturation option to make the image look like this:

I then used the posterize tool to make the image look like this:

Lastly I used the smudge tool to draw some virus DNA strand randomly in the picture.

My final version of the virus looks like this:

A colorful still with enough green to show how infectious it is.

Step 2: The Story of the Virus

Amidst a lot of wires and plastic I sit wondering about my future while I peek back at my past. I was born to a reputed family of Virus. My family history leads back to the time these humans didn’t even exist. Some cheek they have to run around telling everyone they created us. I had a very adventurous childhood. My family, that is,my parents,my one million siblings and I were always travelling. My dad worked in a company that dealt with supplying services to computers. Business was good and flourishing. I had a very happy and relaxed life travelling from one computer to another. Not to forget mentioning the deluxe apartment we had at every computer my dad was transfered to.

It was one green afternoon,it was my 18th birthday…..when suddenly the bitter news struck me! I had leave my family..home ….and go far away for a mission with billion others involving a new computer software. It felt like darkness saluted upon me. I was not prepared….yet….to leave my family…comfort and get myself involved in some serious mission as such. But I had no choice…it was a decision made by the World Virus Association. I had to obey although i didn’t want to. I packed my luggage and boarded the flight to PPP computer software along with my friends………

A year has passed since that wretched day. Not a day passes without mising my old life…it was a very golden time indeed. The mission has been going very successful. However, I still keep wondering whether this is where i want to be and whether I will ever see my family again. My future seems far …too far that it looks like nothing but dark hole!

Hopefully the story was not boring! Its not a huge plot but then all you need is a short story.


2 thoughts on “An Autobiography of a Computer Virus

  1. This is excellent Hajara. I love the autobiographical family story of your computer virus. This is very imaginative. One thing is missing, please add a link back to the original assignment on the ds106 assignment so people can find it easily.

    Thanks for your great work all semester. I’ve enjoyed seeing your many creative and thought provoking contributions. I hope you continue to publish your work online in the future.


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