A Personal Cyberinfrastructure

A Personal Cyberinfrastructure

Based on Gardner Campbell’s article ” A Personal Cyberinfrastructure“—-My take on the digital age and Campbell’s idea of a personal cyberinfrastructure!

As a child I always thought( and even believed) that everyone went to college after high school. But as I was growing up i realized half the population does not even consider college. However, I wanted to get into college ,apart from just being fascinated by the idea of being a college student, is to be able to find my  prepare myself for a future that has “progressed”.

Being a college student in the digital age….. the first thing that pops into my head: My life just revolves around the internet!

I spend half my life using my iPhone and my laptop. Every free time I have in TUJ is spent in the computer lab. This is such a drastic change. Back in highschool I used to complain how much I hated writing and how much my hand hurt. Now, I can hardly remember the last time I wrote something using a pen-how bad does that sound…:( I type type myself away.

However its not all that bad as i make it sound! I mean i’m still a student and it is my duty to complain about the work load! 😀

After referring the meaning of resonate( a word from a faint memory from my physics class we all slept through) and making my own assumption( the world works on assumption) and understanding I decided to bring my idea about cyberinfrastructure out.

Campbell’s idea of a personal cyberinfrasture if not nothing is fascination at its best! It truly is an inspiring idea. After reading the article I look at “progress” in a very new bright light. A personal Cyberinfrastructure i believe would enable the right kind of progress to happen. New findings would not be limited to only a specific group of people. Perhaps the world would be using the massive amount of knowledge it has. The knowledge we have is just shoved away and ignored. It would be a great challenge to learn it and use it ! This idea encourages creativity ….something that today most people are reluctant to use when studies are concerned. The freedom to be creative would make learning a much more interesting process. It would be path to that gives people the opportunity to explore , learn and extract knowledge that is otherwise not available.

Gardner Campbell’s dea seems too ambitious to be a reality in the real world ,it definetely is an awesome idea. If the idea becomes a reality however, the world would be a very interesting sight to look at!!!! There sure would be a lot of hardwork but then again…..theres no success without hardwork!


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