A meme on ME!!!

A meme on ME!!!

The 2nd and final ds106assignment for this section.I chose a design assignment called:

What People Think I Do

The assignment was to:

Create a “What People Think I Do” meme. This can be done for a very broad range of subjects so be creative!


  • I used a meme generator to design the meme.
  • I found picture from Pixabay -it has a collection of images that can be used freely.

The meme I created:


I complain enough about the workload for people to assume im engrossed in my book. My friends know better…..any day off I go shopping! 😀 When outside ,my phone is my best pal so yea random people would think “will she look up from her phone?” Given the amount of serious questions my classmate ask me forced me to put that image in! I think all i do is dress up and live life!                   But…………….What I really do is …..spend hours on my laptop!!!!!!!!

I made this meme….first i so badly wanted to try it out! Secondly….as we have been talking so much about college and education, I thought a fun take on my life as a college student would be nice! The real effects of college and the education system today! 🙂


4 thoughts on “A meme on ME!!!

  1. This is a fun assignment. I haven’t tried it yet but intend to once this business with the Intergalactic Board of Education gets settled.

    I enjoyed seeing the different impressions you feel different groups of people have of you.


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