Sound of Spring!!

Sound of Spring!!

The third and final ds106 assignment for the FALO section. As it was required to do assignments from different categories ,I decided to give Audio Assignments a try.

The assignment is called “Spring Break!!!

What I had to do:

Take a 30 second take of what your spring break sounds like. This could be anything from the sounds of a page turning of a book to a WILD PARTY! So let me know what you have going on.

Story: I am planning on going back to Sri Lanka during the spring break. April in Sri Lanka is usually the the hottest(as in warm) month in the year. The sun blazing right above our tropical island, we roam around in our flip-flops. Having been freezing for the last few months , I do miss my tropical weather( you should have asked me a year back and I would have said something totally different). So right now ,everytime I think of spring break, all I can picture myself is jumping into the pool . Few pool parties with my awesomely crazy family. I dont know how much I am gonna really “swim” but then theres gonna be lots of water splashing,so called swimming, making up our own styles and just simply enjoying the break! If god wills ,thats what my spring break is going to be like with not to forget lots and lots shopping! So far thats all thats planned ! 🙂


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