Give me back my privacy!!

Give me back my privacy!!

Impressed at my own potential to work right now, I decided not to delay the analysis like thing I need to do for the FALO section for another article. That shining grade up there is definitely a motivation especially when I enjoy this class! Now let me choose the article………………..

Read an extremely interesting article of what Id call an absurd event. I mean its the 21st century for crying out loud where individual libery is promoted in a large scale. Therefore an event as such in the United States itself is nothing but absurd.

Under the FALO topic “Privacy and Surveillance”, the article is:

“Minnesota girl alleges school privacy invasion”

This is an incident recently reported by CNN . Just around 10 days back a middle-school girl called R.S. sued her school for searching her Facebook and email accounts.

Th girl was intimidated,interrogated and punishment for what she says in her Facebook account.

Given the fact her school was giving her a hard time for typing down her thoughts in her “private” social networking sites is just not right. Everyone has a right to their privacy regardless of age and especially their private opinions and thoughts should in no way make her answerable to her school officials.

When I read that R.S. was punished for putting up a status on Facebook saying that she hated her school adult hall monitor because she was mean. My brain brought in the story of how in China you get killed for even searching on the internet for something against the government from my memory. And this just doesn’t seem right.

The school officials argue that it does not violate civil rights. I really don’t know about that but it does violate a lot of human rights. And isn’t freedom of speech important?

This story reminded me of a debate i was watching about the pressures caused by education system in India. Someone here pointed out that there’s no democracy in the life of students and thereby its important to give them space in order to be able to manage the pressures. and social network today sure gives you that needed space to express your likes ,dislikes,moods and opinions. thereby it is vital that this medium remains private as much as the individual wants it to be.


2 thoughts on “Give me back my privacy!!

  1. I’m not too sure about the law in the case mentioned in the article but I credit the student for standing up for her rights.

    I think the one thing I’m beginning to realize as I learn more about these privacy and surveillance issues is that it seems there always a way that some person or organization can track most of what each of as individuals do online.


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