The essay “A Personal Cyberinfrastructure”  by Gardner Campbell ,in my opinion was mind-blowing. The message he was trying to get across was very interesting. It made me think of today’s “cyber” world in a new light.

The sentence below especially managed to grab my attention.

The “progress” that higher education achieved with massive turnkey online systems, especially with the LMS, actually moved in the opposite direction.

The sentence in my opinion was the whole essay summarized in just a sentence. It made me wonder whether we are too occupied in believing that we live in an advanced world that we fail to see that perhaps it is not as advanced as it seems. I mean I do not know how to use html or any form of computer language but just know how to use a “template-based” computer. Now i feel perhaps this never gave me an opportunity to explore the creative person in me. Maybe I am really bad at it or maybe I can come up with some really good ideas…….but I’d never know unless I have an opportunity to do so.

Higher education is so focused on benefiting from history that we are not working towards making history(the majority I mean). To make things work we are not benefiting the maximum potentional of the history either. Thereby, we are moving in the “opposite direction” indeed.

For instance, I never knew I would love creating,writing blog posts, editing photos until I tried it for this class. And now this is “learning” in my dictionary.



2 thoughts on “DFPQ1

  1. I like what you’ve gleaned from this sentence. Perhaps we should reconsider what we mean when we think about progress and being advanced. I look forward to seeing how you respond to the second half of the essay.


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