Presentation for the “FEAR AND LOATHING” section! With great confidence I planned on trying to present my topic than making people read off my presentation!  thus no Prezi(I really can’t control that thing 😦 ) and no Powerpoint! Hopefully it doesn’t backfire badly and all ends well tomorrow! 🙂

My topic is “Repression,Control and Propaganda” and I chose an article called “Dictators Have Good Reason to Fear the Internet” to make my presentation on.

Repression,control and Propaganda are words that are constantly heard today! And in most cases all three words have a whole new story to tell. Like “KONY 2012” for instance.

The whole purpose of this article is to convince the idea that people should stop being just passive users on the internet and start being “netizens”. That is , that they should start using the internet to make the world a better place. 

The internet being everyones favorite place on earth ,we do spend alot of time on it. Personally, I have stopped watching tv .. I mean when you have the internet why bother!

They further talk about a “movement” with an aim to have free internet with no restriction or perhaps only some very vital restriction.

Going back to the topic, during the past 2 years we have seem dictators failing to “control” their country anymore as people have found a new way of fighting back- the internet!!!!!!! 

Shutting down a physical protest is easy, just apply pepper spray liberaly and arrest anyone that can’t run away. Shutting down online protests with democratic overtures is an entirely different matter. And that has oppressive regimes around the world very worried.

The example provided is a case in Tunisia:

People took to twitter and facebook to support a certain police offficer named Samir Ferriani who was arrested for writing two letters regarding human right abuses and other illegal (even immoral) stuff done by their former President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali’s goverment and buddies!

Tunisia’s twitterati clamored to support Feriani, dismayed that elements and behaviors of the old regime lingered on in the new Tunisia. “Where are our journalists, the civil society and the political parties?” asked a Twitter user called @emnamejri. On Facebook, people created pages calling for his release. They posted pictures of protests, links to news about his case, and aggregated reactions of citizens around Tunisia. They circulated the condemnation by Human Rights Watch, which summed up many people’s feelings about his arrest: “At a time when many Tunisians believe that the officials who terrorized people under Ben Ali remain strong within the security establishment, the provisional government should be encouraging whistle-blowers, not using the ousted government’s discredited laws to imprison them.”

The internet seems like a tool that can be used in the future to keep the abuse of power by organisations and governments systematically in check. It takes minutes for a cause to go viral. An issue can be shared with the entire world by just a click.

Just to conclude, I thought of adding that perhaps the internet is the only thing that seems like it cannot be completely controlled by LORD VOLDERMORT( fill in with anything you want 🙂 cuz i cant think of exactly one) Its sad how wordpress doesnt recognize voldermort !:(



Excited for my first individual presentation 😉


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