I am philosophy

I am philosophy

“Minimalize your philosophy”  My first ds106 assignment for the “fear and Loathing Section”

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“Pick your favorite quote OR make up your own phrase which describes a philosophy that you try to live by. It can be about love, friendship, family, education, culture, health, charity, etc. Design a minimalist poster depicting the concept. Extra challenge: Try to include a unique element that makes it YOU. Don’t forget to explain your thought process. :)”

The quote/philosophy I chose:

Life Quotes, Life Quote Graphics, Life Sayings

The above image was obtained from a site called cherrybam (and they allowed it to be used by even providing a html code-awesome people!)

So I brought the artist in me alive to create this poster(see below):


  • Created a new blank page on GIMP
  • Used the pencil tool to draw what I believe is the glamorized version of our real heart(that is minus the valves and arteries).
  • Changed the outline color to red using fill tool.
  • Still using the fill tool ….filled the inside of the heart using a pattern fill called ‘mud’ to get the brain like effect!
  • Pattern filled the background using a fill called ‘marble’.
  • Wrote the text at the bottom using the text tool.


Honestly speaking I dont live life by quotes thought I love reading them. So I chose a quote that matched/suited the wayI think in life generally. Realized most quotes did suit me but then finally decided on this one. So the whole idea here is I really think its important that being nice/good does not mean acting brainless! Its very important to be rational, calculative and smart along with a good heart! Writing this I remembered another quote/saying which says something like ‘one thing you should never have in life is regret!’ Basically, carry both your brain and heart with you always and hopefully never regret/feel bad/be hurt in life! I really dont know how many can really relate to this but then again this is ME; extremely calculative!

The extra challenge says to include me in the poster – I made it so i believe that just makes it me! The color ,format and everything was done the way I want it to be! 😉 and I love marbles(as in the ones used on the floor)




4 thoughts on “I am philosophy

  1. This is a great quote. And I think you offer an even better quote in your response to rdm1924g: You don’t deserve to be hurt

    None of do. That is such an important idea to keep in mind.

    Thanks for sharing this awesome take on a really cool assignment.


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