Frozen Midway

Frozen Midway

In the perfect mind set for the fun assignments this class makes me do!

Lets fear , loath and walk to the 2nd ds106 assignment for this section!

Caught Mid Action :

“Take a picture that catches something mid action, and makes it appear different than it normally would.”

Truly admire how people can come up with such simple yet mind-blowing assignments!

The picture:

There was no such process needed -so it was simply take the pic and upload it!


Took this picture while I was mesmerized by the snow! Snow was falling,people walking, the car wiper going to and fro- And this picture was clicked midway when all this was happening! On my way to class early wednesday morning this was just a sight worth watching! 😀

8 thoughts on “Frozen Midway

  1. This is a great image. I’m excited to see the energy and enthusiasm you’re bringing to the Fear and Loathing Online section.

    Keep the good stuff coming! It seems like your just getting warmed up.


    1. Thank you! I really dont want to rush through my assignments…a bad habbit im trying to get over .
      so hopefully I get my blogging and assignments done properly for this section! 🙂


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