Erase Me Purple!

Erase Me Purple!

My 2nd ds106 assignment for this section! Aptly named “Splash the Color”.

What I had to do:

“Color splash is a technique to emphasize details- you remove all color from a photo, and then restore original color to a single object.”

The original picture:

The photo after being edited:


  • Open the photo using GIMP
  • Duplicated the image (Image -> Duplicate)
  • Added a Alpha channel for the layer.
  • Using the eraser tool with the transparency option ,erased the part of the flower I wanted in order to bring back its original color.


I got the inspiration of coloring just one flower from a picture I had seen where someone had colored just one sunflower in a sunflower field. It took me sometime(alot of time) to figure out how to do this in GIMP. Google still remains as the savior!

This is a picture of a flower vase at home clicked by my uncle and I happened to see it! It was a nice image so thought I’d use it for this assignment-saves time nah! 😉


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