Banner Revamp

Banner Revamp

Third ds106 assignment!

This is the assignment submitted by roundhouseslap , “Revamp your Banner”.

What I had to do:

“Color splash is a technique to emphasize details- you remove all color from a photo, and then restore original color to a single object.”

The image I used in my banner:

What I did: In my wordpress dashboard, I selected ‘Appearance’ and then ‘Header’. In the header page I chose an image I had from the ‘upload image’ option.

I cropped image so that it looked like this:

Then I published it!

Story: This assignment was something I have been wanting to do . I came across it when searching for an assignment and thought why not give it a try! The picture used is a random photo I clicked of a blue rose cushion. As the theme of my wordpress site’s appearance is blue I thought this might look good!

Dawn and Dusk!


2 thoughts on “Banner Revamp

  1. It looks awesome. Roundhouseslap’s tutorial has certainly led to many blogs getting nicely spruced up.

    In addition to a link back to the original assignment, I think it would have been nice to link back her blogpost when you mentioned it.


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