Info-graphic Analysis!

Info-graphic Analysis!

Dreading to write up this analysis…..reason being I really do not think analyzing is my cup of tea. But then again I am gonna try (because I have to!) and hope its good! 🙂

I am part of Group 5. We are analyzing a infograph based on Internet Addiction. Almost every human on earth is at some level is addicted to the internet. But the exact height of our addiction is an interesting topic and that is exactly what our infograph is about.

The infograph we are analyzing can be looked up here.

I am specifically analyzing points 10,11 and 12 of this infograph.

Point 10

 The Amount of time spent on Social Networking sites has increased over the years and still seems to increase. Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites have become a very important part of peoples lives.The statistics show the time spent on social networking sites by each user in each of the countries.

According to the statistics given in here and in this infograph are almost the same with a few minutes difference here and there. This can be perhaps ignored due to experimental errors. However, this infograph does not inlclue the statistics of some of the high social network using countries such as France and Brazil. I think including countries of different GDP growth can help see the influence social networking sites have on each kind of country. For instance, here we can clearly see the impact of social netwroking sites have on a range of countries .

Point 11

At a glance, the statistics seem very true. Personally, I dont watch televsion at all as I can watch my shows and movies online minus all the long adverts.People spend more time online now.This point can be validated here.

However, according to here although the time spent online has increased and the time spent watching television has decreased the exact statistics in per weeks seem the opposite. For instance, people spend around 30 weeks watching tv and around 18 weeks online. This study was done December 2010. With this infograph not showing the year for the statistics shown,commenting seems a bit difficult.

Point 12                                                                                    

Internet use has increased especially in the U.S. This is shown here.The reasons for this are how games,social networking, work have be come so internet dependent.  Given the statistics given here the percentage increase of 117% seems valid.





Hopefully this was an okay-ish analysis……..


3 thoughts on “Info-graphic Analysis!

  1. It might not be your cup of tea, but I think you did a fine job of analyzing the infographic.

    I’d suggest that rather than using the word “here” to attach your hyperlinks you give a bit more descriptive text. You could do the name of the site or the author’s name. What do you think about this?


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