Car Lust!

Car Lust!

Time for another ds106 assignment!

Car Lust! That’s what this assignment is called……and the name says it all!

The assignment:

“Take a picture, or find a picture on the web of a car that you love. Then, write a description of how that car make you feel.”

The Car……………………

The story behind the car:

I love this car! 🙂 This was my cousin brother’s old car(I can’t believe he had the heart to change it)!  When I first saw it I was like how come I never knew you had this earlier!!! This was one rare instance when I was head over heels over a car!!! It’s still around home so I get to see it! I am told the model has changed but who cares ……I still adore it the same ! Every time I see it…I wish I could drive in Japan!


4 thoughts on “Car Lust!

  1. What’s the deal with the license plate number? I understand that people pay much extra money to get a certain number on the plate. It looks like your cousin brother (I’ve never heard of a cousin brother) must have done this.


      1. I’m sorry, I still don’t understand cousin brother. They seem like two different words for two different family relationships. I can’t imagine how one can be both.

        It reminds me of the old riddle:

        Question: My parents had a child. It wasn’t my brother and it wasn’t my sister. Who is it?

        Answer: ???


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