Visualizing Words!

Visualizing Words!

Found another interesting ds106 assignment(thank god! before its too late!)

The assignment is to:

‘illustrate/explain the quote in pictures with the least number of pictures required’

And it has a catchy name too… ‘Visualize that Quote’

The instructions were simple! I used flickr commons to get the picture. I found the quote at a website called  brainyquote although they suggested another site. I am pretty sure I could make slight changes as such.

The quote I chose was:

“Life well spent is long.”

By: Leonardo da Vinci

And how I used the little creativity I had to make this:


Part Of: Powerhouse Museum Collection


Photographed by:Lee, Russell,, 1903-1988, Library of Congress, Prints and Photographs Division, Washington, D.C. 20540 USA.


Cornell University Collection of Political Americana, Cornell University Library


Wardwell, Anne, Keene

Process: The steps here are quite simply.

  1. Downloaded the pictures from flickr.
  2. Uploaded each one of them.
  3. Typed the relevant parts of the quote next to each picture.
  4. Changed the font of the typed words red and also change the format to headline1.
Now the Story:
I wanted to choose a quote from someone famous so anyone who reads it can sort of understand it! I hate not knowing the person whose names written under a quote. Leonardo Da Vinci! I am pretty sure everyone knows him. A genius! This particular quote was also apt to be expressed by pictures(they dont have millions of ‘a’,’the’,’of’ in it)
A short post at last! 🙂

4 thoughts on “Visualizing Words!

  1. I think the person you ought to thank is John Johnston for coming up with this great assignment. I haven’t tried it yet but certainly intend to.

    Once again, you continue to set a high standard with your thoughtful and creative work. You are on a roll!


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