Back to the world of Cartoons and Colors!

Back to the world of Cartoons and Colors!

Here’s presenting my 2nd ds106 assignment!!!!!!!!!

The assignment is called ‘Colorize Your World‘.

What I had to do:

‘Take an image of anything you want, whether it is a cartoon character or an image from a movie and just change the colors around in Photoshop.’

The idea was really simple and fun…so to bring in some colors to my blog world I thought I should use an image of a cartoon character.

What I did:

Cartoons and cartoon characters have played a huge role in influencing us as kids(Nowadays its worse,they behave like cartoons 🙂 ). So I was thinking of all the possible cartoon characters ranging from Tom& Jerry to Spongebob. Then I zeroed in on ‘Dora the Explorer ‘who has made her presence felt a lot in my life thanks to little sister(love her!)

So the original picture I used :

The Dora The Explorer® trademark, logo and products on this site are the property of Viacom International Inc.


  • I used GIMP to edit this image.
  • I used the bucket fill tool to change the colors around in the image.
  • I chose the pattern fill option under the bucket fill tool to color the background using patterns such as the ‘maple leaves’ and ‘sky’ to celebrate Dora’s adventures! 🙂
  • The same tool option was used to make the leopard prints for the backpack.
  • The other color changes were made using the FG color fill option under bucket fill tool.

And my result was:

The Story:

No… I do not watch/follow/love Dora. But I just felt I had to do this for my little sister( I miss her so much.. 😦 ) Honoring the pet jaguar my sister believes she owns comes the print for the backpack. And seriously,I always thought that Dora badly needed a fashion makeover( and perhaps a color change would do for the time being). Her choice of matching clothes and accessories was so bad so I thought I should color coordinate for her ;). Not ready to walk the ramp in Paris but this new Dora is definitely well dressed to go on her expeditions! She had to look colorful so used a variety of them-she is a cartoon after all. I left her socks and bracelet the same though(they kind look cute)… I have always ‘wished’ 😉 to change the colors of Dora clothes…they were blinding (and I am so not commenting on the theme songs used)….. now with a sigh of relief….till next time…


10 thoughts on “Back to the world of Cartoons and Colors!

  1. Nice update, she definitely needed some new kicks at least. What does your sister say about it?

    And intended or not, the pattern on the grassy knoll Dora is standing might suggest other afternoon activities.


    1. Thank you Brian!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My sister has not still given me her feedback. Hope she likes it! 😉
      Other afternoon activities! haha…it took me awhile to guess…not intended but now who’s complaining !! 😀


      1. Thank u datha its me Hamza it is really nice and i never knew u could edit like this and by the way Sarah is crazy over it Tc.


  2. You don’t follow Dora!? Oh man, you’re in for a treat when you catch up with it. I love their approach to randomly inserting Spanish vocabulary words.

    Check out “Sagwa the Chinese Siamese Cat” if you’d like the Chinese version ( It’s a historically based show that harkens back to a simpler time in China, when Siamese cats painted calligraphy with their tails.


    1. Didn’t intentionally follow Dora but still I know the script all the episodes along with the dialogues by heart! 🙂 Learnt spanish too! Dora can really sweep you off the feet! 😀

      I am definetely gonna check out the Siamese Cat! I have learnt soo much history,geography and more watching cartoons! 😀


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