Making Millions and More!!!!!!!!!

Making Millions and More!!!!!!!!!

Warren Buffet by Ralph Deeds

My first ds106 assignment!

The Assignment : I did the “Triple Troll Quote“.  I chose this because the idea of putting three random picture, quote and name really fascinated me.It also made me make a start on photoediting.

What I had to do was…

Find an image of a well known figure, add to it a famous quote by someone related in some way to the figure in the image and then attribute the quote to a third, related figure.

What I did (the process) : I used Photoshop for this assignment( I have almost got the hang of GIMP which I shall use in future).

First, I opened the picture of Warren Buffet on Photoshop. Then I made another layer using a the rectangle tool to draw a rectangle at the bottom of the picture. Then I selected the style ‘Blue Glass’ to fill in the rectangle. Then using the text tool I typed in the quote along with the Richard Bransons Name.

Story: This assignment required us to bring together 3 individuals in one frame. The picture of one, quote by another, and another individuals name under the quote. Although this isn’t a compulsory ,I really wanted to try it out.

When I was selecting the 3 individuals for the assignment, my first choice were William Shakespeare,Oscar Wilde and John Osborne (They are all Dramatist). However, I decided not to go ahead with them because I realised I had no clue about these indivuals except that they were dramatists( maybe little more knowledge on Shakespeare having studied some of his works for literature in high school). Then the idea of using well-known businessmen struck me. This i thought was more apt as I love the whole idea of business. It fascinates me. No wonder my major is in International Business. And I also thought they complimented the whole concept of ‘cyberspace and Society'( don’t ask me why…I just think so).

As a result,

I used the picture of Warren Buffet along with the quote by Donald Trump and completed it with Richard Branson‘s name under the quote.And you have to agree the quote has a simple but awesome advice behind it!  And ……my first ds106 assignment is completed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


2 thoughts on “Making Millions and More!!!!!!!!!

  1. I love the coloring you used at the bottom of the image to offset the quote from the speaker. It almost looks like a capture from television.

    As for Gimp vs. Photoshop, you’re welcome to use whichever you prefer. I just work with Gimp because it is a free software that anyone can download and use.

    I’d have like to see the dramatists Triple Troll Quote too, I’ve heard of Wilde and Shakespeare but not Osborne (is he related to the technology pioneer Adam Osborne?).

    Keep the great work coming.


    1. Thank you professor! ‘ capture from television’? Now thats really encouraging!
      I use Gimp on my laptop but I edited the image at TUJ so used photoshop as it was already installed in the computers.

      As for Osborne,he is a british play-writer(dramatist).I dont know much about him though he is quite famous . I need to check up on whether he is related to Adam Osborne. 🙂


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