A World Beyond Borders!

A World Beyond Borders!

My first blog post!!And because its MY blog ,I believe its important 😉 that i introduce myself! 🙂

My name is Hajara Asad Ali. I am from Sri Lanka( for the people who are clueless…I am from the island that looks like a tear drop in the indian ocean just below India) .My major is International Business.This is my 2nd semester at TUJ and I am loving it here. Life is so much different from High school  and still getting the hang of being qualified as an adult ( although not sure whether I like it)!

Moving on to “cyberspace and Society”…my first thought in class was “…this sounds interesting!”.  Learning about computers,the internet and the world seemed fun. I like learning not studying (confused much?) so the class sort of fitted into this category perfectly.  My first memories with computers was like when i was around 5, I remember using it at my father`s office to “PAINT” and also to play Mario despite not knowing how to. I was 7 when I got my very own email address and obviously i was super excited.Mailing people and using chat was such craze that died off fast!

However, in spite of being exposed to the internet almost all my life, i was never quite up-to-date with it. I usually stay within my comfort zone(Facebook,Hotmail and few more sites that i use everyday). I am definitely hoping to learn some alphabets of photo editing from this class! I have almost got the hang of twitter and the blog now…and cheers for all those many other websites we will be having accounts in!

Right after my Ordinary level Edexcel English exams i thought I am done with the  writing stuff for the rest of my life( never quite like that tooo ;)) little did i know…writing is soooooo important (FOR GRADES). Oh and i also talk alot so no wonder my post is  so long!

Till next time,

Have fun, live life and take care… 🙂


2 thoughts on “A World Beyond Borders!

  1. Reading your post has me feeling that you’ve got a perfect attitude for this course. We will certainly cover the areas you said you are interested in learning more about.

    I’m looking forward to reading more from you. Have you found any ds106 assignments that look interesting yet?


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